Our Team

Our people are not average.

Our team may be small, but our goals are big. The You Go Girl Yoga team is full of creative visionaries with experience and passion. We don’t come from one background or one story; we are mothers, daughters, yoga teachers, rugby players, vegan bakers, graphic designers, musicians, researchers, mountain climbers, and everything in between. Together, we are committed to working toward a world in which all women and girls are empowered – one innovative solution at a time.

At You Go Girl Yoga you will find a supportive yet challenging environment. We believe that strong innovative people lift each other up! Everything we do revolves around building our inner and outer strength as an organization that both serves YOU and empowers our clients. To meet our goals we require commitment, hard work and clear communication.

Whether you are an Advisor or Board Member, Team Member, or remote teacher or trainer, we first and foremost want to let you know that we value your talents, passion and experience. We believe that You Go Girl Yoga offers both its personnel and partners an innovative and growth-oriented empowering experience. At the core of our believe system is that we are a TEAM.

The Team

Cindy Siri Bani Kaur Ludlam,
CEO and Founder

Lydia Burns,
Marketing & Design Director

Sat Bir Singh Khalsa,
PhD, Research Consultant

Dr. Ramdesh Kaur,
Advisory Board Member

Lorraine Moon,

Rachel Lev,
Trauma Informed Yoga Advisor and Instructor

Daljot Kaur/Peggy McClellan,
Core Visioning Consultant

Odessa Dwarika,
Development Consultant

Sher Levesque,
Trauma Informed Yoga Advisor and Instructor

Julie Sorkin Maguire,
Advisory Board Member, Art Direction

Andi Flax,

Asha Kuziwa,
Correspondence Manager and Past Intern

Lilith Dorko,
Website and Content Advisor/Editor

Emily Preet Royce,