What We Do

We consult with organizations who serve women and men, children and teens in capacities relating to trauma, addiction, sex trafficking, abuse, empowerment, leadership, poverty and more.

IMG_9620-copyOur Programming

We offer accessible, demographic-specific, online and in-person programs,
workshops and projects that integrate with existing organizations and education programs.


Led full year yoga and art curriculum and yoga retreats at CH-CH.


Created and implemented curriculum for Harvard Women’s Varsity Rugby Team.


Girls Inc. pilot program for girls ages 14-18, and research study starting Fall 2016.


Created and implemented curriculum for Women at Napa State Hospital.

our-process-imgOur Process

We work with our partner agencies, and don’t dictate one static solution. Each organization is different and
requires a unique and thoughtful approach. We listen to you and create curriculum designed to
empower your population to fully embrace your existing programming.


YGGY trained staff identify possible matches for YGGY
programming or possible partner contacts YGGY though our “Partner Portal”.


Contacting and Entry.  YGGY makes contact with possible partner.
Are we a match? Do our core values line up? Can we fill a need? What is the Issue? In this role the YGGY consultant is an objective observer and does not express personal beliefs or ideas. The YGGY consultant  listens to the client and gathers information and data.


Discovery and Dialogue (fact finding).  Symptoms and underlying problem. Demographic? Gathering and interpreting data.


Feedback and Decision to Partner. Our creation of our unique program, expressed results, and research study creation (when appropriate).


Engagement, Implementation and Evaluation in process and end of program.


Extension or termination.

valuesOur Values


Integrity will lead us to a better place. Plainly and simply, be the change. We believe that the best way to encourage others around us to have integrity is to uphold our own morals through honesty, authenticity, humility, compassion, and kindness


“True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.”― C.S. Lewis Humility is self-confidence without arrogance. Humility is modesty and restraint, without the destructive effects of pride. Humility is courage. It is the willingness to admit mistakes and seek out guidance.


To do whatever you can to make all feel welcome and get help when needed. Lead with kindness and understanding and recognize that those we serve and those we work with are our teachers. The other person is you!

Compassion / Passion

Your first priority, naturally, is to make decisions and take actions that are fully informed and put those around you first, to ensure that every woman and child feels that YGGY, and its programming, is safe, loving and empowering.